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z Said,
January 13th, 2011 @4:51 pm  

Compared to the mess horses used to make everywhere today’s cars are an improvement.Now though it’s a new disaster but nobody then was probably smart enough to fathom Global Warming. Who says electric, solar or fuel cells won’t create a disaster we can’t think of yet on a global scale in the future?

A person Said,
January 14th, 2011 @5:03 pm  

I generally dislike this design. This has already been done, not only has it been done, but it’s been done better. What is wrong with a small 4 stroke ICE (internal combustion engine)? Here is what they do, take the recumbent bicycle design, they put a shell on it made of some kind of plastic, just like this. Then a small ICE engine on the back of the bicycle and a little gearing to go with it. The ICE engine can be around 30-120 CC and the setup gets around 150-250 MPG.
You can throw a trailer on the back of it and really get around, this would work for plenty of people. Of course, you can’t exactly drag around large amounts of lumber and metal with this setup, but you could get to and from work, grocery stores and most other places. Batteries are far from evolved enough to be good for transportation of long distances. They weigh too much and give too little power. I think small 4 stroke engines are the way to go, if you don’t believe me, do some research. It’s all there and available now.

A setup like I suggested would weigh less, go significantly further, and come out to far less expensive. The shell of this ‘bike’ looks nice and is very ideal. I was actually considering making something very similar, all you need is pedals and a small motor with that frame and you’d have yourself a very nice motor bicycle.

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