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Uncle B Said,
October 6th, 2010 @10:42 am  

Electric bikes are the answer to the new America – what will be left after the total de-industrialization of America! We will have Chinese built wind turbines for power sources, Nuclear in our new garden will be forbidden as will coal burning, but Solar, Wave, Wind, Hydro, Tidal Geothermal renewables, or perpetual energies will abound. In this pot smoking la-la land, all will be well! no soldiers no police, no money not stress just endless socialism to solve our problems. Some call this magical time Obamaland, but in fact Obamaland is a precursor to the real thing! Alcohol will be dispensed in school fountains and the Chinese will be obligated by their huge debt they carry for us to maintain us and assure our survival! Timmy Geithner will have statues through-out the land proclaiming his saint-hood for entrapping Asians in American debt, and no one will work anymore! We will live off of patent royalties and Microsoft will be a major source of income for America.

Shadetree Engineer Said,
October 12th, 2010 @5:41 pm  

It has potential, but some design implications are questionable with this bike. There will of course be a lot more technology designed into this than is at first apparent, so as to compensate for a collection of serious mistakes. The riding posture is not going to work for the majority of motorcycle enthusiasts. Too cramped for anything more than a few minutes. Too awkward to try looking ahead. Putting the hand grips directly on the wheel is never going to play well. There’s a reason why bikes have suspension systems. Hit a rapid succession of minor bumps at an assumed high speed, and carpal tunnel syndrome will be the least of your worries. And what happens when your hands finally fatigue from all the shaking and you put the bike on it’s side? Well there’s going to be another problem with that back piece keeping you from getting thrown cleanly off the bike. Instead your back will be strained very badly as you get twisted around while the bike tries to go it’s own way. There’s a reason why bikes do not have seat belts! The front steering geometry looks very tricky. I hope it’s not something that depends on a computer, because sometimes you need to be able to coast safely to the side of the road when all systems go down. This article is about two things here. One of which is a really goofy bike design that suspiciously appears to rely on gold-ruberg technologies. The other point is much more important, the battery-powered concept, which isn’t a futuristic technology as Brammo for one would attest to.

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