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Ric Taylor Said,
January 6th, 2009 @2:43 pm  

Carry On!

Loslobros Said,
September 25th, 2009 @5:08 am  

I’d like to hear about the ‘better advantage factors’ mentioned in the ‘Dark Side’ bit above. The main cons I can see are: aerodynamics as bad, or worse, than current bikes (the angular styling won’t help, plus potential for causing injury to the rider or a pedestrian in an accident) , which is inexcusable for an electric vehicle that needs to make the most of the limited energy it can store.
The other mistake is the riding position – part of the aerodynamic problem, as the rider will generate drag, plus they will e seated in a totally non-ergonomic posture – weight on wrists (bad for steering), no back support, raising the centre of gravity of the bike/rider combination to the detriment of handling, and liable to catapult the rider over the front of the bike in a sudden stop.

Apart from that, it’s great…!

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