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a person Said,
October 5th, 2011 @2:53 am  

A lot of people (myself included) have dreamed of ways to capture the excess energy used in automobile operation. All this sounds like is a way to add drag to a car to (poorly) generate electricity. This wouldn’t be of any benefit to anyone, even if this system was 100% efficient, even if every vehicle had it, the energy stripped from the vehicles forward motion (slowing down the vehicle) to generate energy wouldn’t allow you to have any more energy.
Obviously, if you want motor transportation to be as efficient as possible, you must make the vehicles as energy efficient as possible. An idea I dreamed of was making all highways underground, in tunnels of course. This would make the need to clean the roads of snow non-existant. I also have a theory that you could add ports in the tunnels that had some form of wind turbine within, as the car passed, the air pressure or wind the vehicle generated would, hopefully, mostly go into the ports. This system would capture excess energy of the vehicles, but it wouldn’t add drag to them as this magnetic system would.

Most vehicles on the road today should be at over 200mpg.

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