Future Transportation

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z Said,
March 16th, 2010 @6:30 pm  

The world is so screwed up! The future will not be a futuristic dream but a nightmare. The future wil be in a disembodied zombie reverting to old times to fix all we have broken. I’m a big man and seen the biggest of men that cannot convort solid technominds. I too am broken by what we have done to ourselves and have been busy designing a hoverboard by multidimensional vortex. I only dream one day we will be fixed! There are actually six dimensions of our universe, we’re not alone. There are Giants, Gods, Midgets, Robots, Smalls and Kids! Nobody sees it but me but by a parallel shift on our planet we will be instantly transported to another Earth-like planet behind our Sun! Evil on our Earth is backwards and so is the other opposite. My designs of transport are but a small contribution as the design gives a person survival traits by implanted skill. I know in the future all design companies will become one and no other.

March 16th, 2010 @11:52 pm  

Hello please look our wind turbine desing

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