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a person Said,
February 2nd, 2011 @2:44 pm  

Not bad, I love velomobiles. I don’t particularly love the idea of making it out of bamboo thought. Give me some steel : ). In case someones going to jump onto the ‘aluminum is lighter’ boat, it’s not. Pound for pound, steel can be stronger than aluminum. But generally, they are both the same strength. Aluminum weighs 1/3rd as much, but is 1/3rd as strong. Simple enough to understand.

John Said,
February 6th, 2011 @6:47 am  

Actually, on a weight/strength basis, bamboo is surprisingly close to both steel and aluminium. Think about regions in Asia and India that make houses and bridges from bamboo. Most people percieve bamboo as weak…its not. A fully mature culm as it seems is suggested in the design would easily hold an adults weight.

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