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BeverlyR Said,
February 3rd, 2010 @8:56 am  

World’s First Manned Commercial
Spaceship Revealed

On a blustery December 7th 2009 history was made in the Mojave Desert as aerospace partners Virgin Galactic and Scaled Composites revealed the world’s first commercial passenger space liner.

Those of us fortunate enough to attend were among a heady crowd that included the visionary aerospace engineer and system designer Burt Rutan, Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson, the entire Scaled Composites team, about 170 future astronauts with confirmed reservations … and of course the Accredited Space Agents who are escorting these pioneering clients into a new era in tourism.

Also in attendance were Governors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Richardson, respectively of California and New Mexico. The two politicians jovially bantered over whose state should rate higher for its involvement in the future of commercial space travel. California is a well-known aerospace incubator and New Mexico is quickly gaining a space-friendly reputation via its newest public works project, Spaceport America, where Virgin Galactic departures will take flight.

The air was charged with excited anticipation. When the big reveal finally came, the 800-strong crowd erupted into thunderous applause on seeing the spaceship suspended from the mother ship, VMS Eve taxiing toward them.

With the resounding smash of two champagne bottles held by the two governors, she was christened VSS Enterprise.

Test flights of the carrier aircraft “White Knight 2” have been under way for nearly 12 months and flight-testing with the new spaceship will begin in the new year.

Contact me today to hear about this incredible milestone and to reserve your place in history.
Beverly S Rother
Accredited Space Agent
1.305.932.5560 x145

BeverlyR Said,
March 1st, 2010 @2:24 pm  

Virgin Galactic headquarters, SpacePort America, New Mexico, USA Update: February 2010

The Virgin Galactic terminal design by URS/Foster+Partners.

On June 19th of 2009 ground was broken on a project of historic proportions.
Construction has been progressing on a 10,000-foot long, 200-foot wide runway designed to handle any flying vehicle on the planet or returning from space!
As of this week, 50% of the asphalt has been laid. That is the third layer of a four-layer process. Next and last will be a 14-inch thick layer of concrete, which is projected to finish off the runway by mid summer. Appropriately enough, the project has been sped along with the precision assistance of satellites!
Rapid construction of the terminal will begin soon. In fact, if you were to drive up to Spaceport America in December 2010, you would see the finished airfield, taxiway and apron, and a fuel storage area – all in the vicinity of a nearly completed Virgin Galactic terminal.
Yet another real-life example that the New Era of Space Tourism is here!

A little-known fact is that Spaceport America is being constructed with particular care given to historical sensitivities. The site happens to be adjacent to the El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro – the historic 1,500 mile trade route from Mexico City to Santa Fe which dates to 1598. Archaeologists are on hand full time scrutinizing every piece of overturned dirt. If a discovery is made, everything stops to allow for analysis and cataloguing the artifacts in question. Hundreds of historically significant artifacts have been located, catalogued and stored for future exhibitions.

Special thanks goes out to Aaron Prescott, Chief of Staff with the New Mexico Spaceport Authority, the state agency responsible for building and operating Spaceport America.
For more information on Spaceport America, the Virgin Galactic project or to reserve your place in space contact me today…
Beverly Rother
(305) 932-5560

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